Mouth Wired Shut is a rock band from Cleveland, OH, named after a traumatic jaw surgery endured by lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Joey Ariemma. Since the band’s inception November 11th, 2011, the band self-produced two records which caught the attention of record producers Mike Watts and David Bendeth. MWS has spent the past 8 months between NYC and Cleveland crafting their breakout record, Firestarter, produced by Watts and Bendeth.

Press: mwshutofficial@gmail.com

Booking: mwshutofficial@gmail.com

Joey Ariemma – Vocals, Guitars (facebook | twitter | website)

Tommy Kooser – Bass, Backing Vocals (facebook | twitter)

Steven Eler – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Chris Hoffman – Drums (facebook | website)


Full bio coming soon.